High Security Contacts TSEC H series CLH-L2 and CLH-L2C CLIC® Sensors for Commercial, Banking and Government from Koloona Industries

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Utilising the impressive Magnasphere® technology, the CLH-L2 and CLH-L2C CLIC® Sensors are compact and hard wearing devices for high security installations.

More durable than Reed-based high security devices, the innovative H-series products deliver unparalleled security features.

Designed as surface mount, the H Series CLH-L2 models

  • Compatible with the UL security Level 2
  • Incredible protection from insider attacks
  • Durable stainless steel armoured cables
  • Integrated with magnetic anti-masking effectively detecting magnetic attacks quickly raising the alarm before the break-in
  • Exceptional resilience to mechanical and electrical shocks
  • Concealed Security Contact CLH-L2C models
  • Compatible for internal and external applications with fully potted construction
  • Proven intelligence with patented, magnetic anti-removal systems
Concealed Security Contact CLH-L2C models
  • Offering the same protection from insider's magnetic attacks of the CLH-L2 but enhanced with a compact, flush mount module offering maximum protection for a concealed security contact
  • Reliable and continuous protection from insider attacks
  • High resistance to mechanical and electrical shocks
  • Entirely potted construction and suitable for internal or external use
High quality with proven performance, CLIC® Sensors deliver continuous protection within banking, government and other commercial applications with demanding security requirements. Koloona Industries information and contact details


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