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Rotary case packing machine

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article image Halves the duration of cycles compared to standard case packers.

KOCKUMS Bulk Systems has released the TMG Rotopaq case packer. It is a rotating carton packer that is flexible, sturdy and designed to receive and arrange containers arriving from the filling section. It picks them up in the desired quantity and format with special pick-up heads and places them into preformed cartons.

The configuration of the pick-up head movement allows simultaneous pick up and deposit of the products and halves the duration of the cycles compared to standard case packers.

It is available in 650, 850, 1050 and 1250 models, where the figure indicates the total width of multiple cartons. It can operate at up to 20 cycles a minute. One models is airtight, stainless steel and easy to clean. It is designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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