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ITW Vortec enclosure coolers now available from Knight Pneumatics

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ITW Vortec's Vortex Cooler enclosure coolers from Knight Pneumatics are the affordable, low maintenance, easy to install alternitive for keeping enclosures cool and clean without Freon or other refrigerants.

Features of the enclosure coolers include:

  • All vortex cooler systems include a 5-micron Auto-Drain filter and a ducting Kit to distribute cold air throughout the enclosure
  • These models also contain a solenoid valve and thermostat, limiting compressed air usage to those times when cooling is required
  • With no moving parts to wear out or maintain, Vortex Coolers use only Compressed air and Vortex Tube technology to produce quiet, efficient and reliable cabinet cooling
  • As an added benefit these coolers create a slight positive pressure inside the enclosure to prevent dirt or dust from entering - even in the most challenging environments
Benefits of enclosure coolers from Knight Pneumatics include:
  • Enclosure coolers are powered by compressed air, utilizing a vortec tube to generate cold air without Freon or other refrigerants (CFCs/HCFCs)
  • Cooling capacities to 5000BTUH (1250 kcal/H)
  • Enclosure coolers are reliable, no moving parts to break or wear
  • Low maintenance
  • These enclosure coolers are thermostatically-controlled to save energy. Continuous cooling models are available
NEMA Ratings:
  • NEMA 12 - INDOOR Dust Tight/Drip Tight
  • NEMA 4   - OUTDOOR Weatherproof/Wash down
  • NEMA 4X - OUTDOOR Weatherproof/Wash down & Corrosion Resistant

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