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ITW Vortec's Enclosure Cooling Cabinets are affordable, low maintenance, easy to install alternative for keeping your cabinets cool and clean without Freon or other refrigerants.

The Vortec cabinet cooler allows you to control the heat load 
The ability to be able to control the heat on your electrical cabinet makes it cost effective. The Vortec cabinet cooler also features:

  • Using compressed air the cabinet cooler allows you to control the heat load on your electrical cabinets to wipe out the costly effects of line shutdowns and downtime.
  • Keeps production running seamlessly all year round
  • Not only will you pay a quarter the cost of many alternative solutions but you also cut out the costly year round service costs.
  • The  Enclosure coolers can be easily installed within 15 minutes

The ITW Vortec Enclosure Coolers contain NO moving parts
This means your electrical cabinet can be kept cool and clean all year round without the costly effects of servicing and or maintenance.

  • All ITW Vortec products including the Enclosure Coolers and Cabinet Coolers come with a “Best In Class – 10 Year Warranty”
  • The ITW Vortec Enclosure cooler comes in many different sizes, cooling capacities, combinations and materials to ensure we can supply the correct unit every time.
  • ITW Vortec Enclosure Coolers are available in Nema12 (I.P. 65), Nema4 and Nema4X (I.P. 66) and are compatible to underground and open-cut mining
  • Thermostatically Controlled units are available to conserve energy and further lower running costs

The ITW Vortec Cabinet Coolers from Knight Pneumatics ensure that cabinets containing dangerous electrical components are kept cool at little cost and maintenance and are avaliable in Cooling capacities up to 5000BTUH. Knight Pneumatics information and contact details


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