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article image KI 3600 optical power meter.

THE KI 3600 series optical power meter from Kingfisher is a precision instrument for basic testing of fibre optic communications systems.

High accuracy, ease of use and high availability combine to achieve superior measurement confidence.

The meter measures absolute and relative light levels in multimode and singlemode optical communication systems.

It provides high accuracy and simplicity of use, making it ideal for field and laboratory use.

Autotest provides automatic multiple wavelength testing when used with an Autotest compatible light source, which increases productivity and measurement confidence.

Operational convenience and cost savings result from the three year re-calibration cycle, 1200 hour battery life, and zero warm up. There are no range changing delays, and no requirement to perform dark current offset.

The meter displays linear units and dB/dBm to 0.01dB resolution. A separate reference for each wavelength can be stored and displayed. Interchangeable optical connectors are dust and drop protected.

Instruments come with 3 popular connector adaptor styles. Metal free adaptors avoid contamination of connectors in high power systems. Small form factor connectors are also available.

The handy tone detector is a useful craft aid for fibre identification. The actual modulation frequency is measured and displayed, so that source modulation rates can be checked.

The Ge meter is ideal for multimode LAN measurements with better accuracy at 850nm. The InGaAs meter is ideal for singlemode, with better accuracy at 1550nm, with the H3 meter for +27dBm measurements.

The inexpensive Si meter is cost effective for 850nm and industrial applications. A special instrument version has a large area detector for testing MT-RJ connectors, ribbon cable, plastic fibre etc.

Kingfisher offers a full range of accessories and companion sources.

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