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New magnetic wear and repair system launched

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Kinder & Co introduces the K-Magrepair magnetic wear and repair system, an innovative solution that utilises advanced magnetic technology for many wear-related problems in conveyor systems.

With the ability to hold in place even under the heaviest impact load, the K-Magrepair magnetic wear and repair range provides prompt on-the-fly temporary repair to steel equipment such as chutes, bins and pipes, minimising disruption and stoppage downtime, and ensuring optimal productivity.

Featuring a composite rubber or polyurethane casing on all sides, the K-Magrepair magnetic wear and repair system eliminates the need to section out and re-weld damaged steel caused by high abrasion applications in conveying lines and vibratory feeds systems.

The K-Magrepair magnetic wear and repair range includes K-Magrepair temporary panels, K-Magrepair reusable patches, and K-Magrepair HD wear plates.

K-Magrepair temporary panels

Providing quick abrasion-resistant repair to worn or damaged chute and bin walls, K-Magrepair temporary panels fasten utilising only magnetic force without any need for welding, bolting or adhesives to install the panels.

K-Magrepair reusable patches

Providing instant repair to leaks in steel equipment, K-Magrepair reusable patches are suitable for wet or dry applications, and enable continuous flow of high pressure applications until a scheduled permanent repair date.

K-Magrepair HD wear plates

Providing powerful magnetic on-the-fly lining that is also maintenance-free, K-Magrepair HD wear plates are especially recommended for areas requiring more frequent change out of liners, taking less than half the time that of traditional liners to install and change out.

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