Continuous Motion Pouch Packing Machines From KHS Pacific


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KHS can provide FFS or FS pouch packing machines, as well as complete turn key end of line packaging systems, including case erectors, tray and lid forming, display tray and display carton packers, labelling machines and palletisers.

No pick and place required providing greater speeds
Pick and place is needed with the Continuous Motion Pouch Making Machines, allowing for higher speeds. Additional benefits include:
  • No vacuum suctions, avoiding faults
  • Simple, safe, continuous motion system, with no intermittent movements  
  • Very gentle product handling, because products are never pushed
  • Robust design and machine built to last
  • Very low spare parts consumption
  • The product is always guided and under control
  • Straw, spout, dispenser or other fitments on pouches can be accommodated
  • Depending on the product, up to 30% less packaging volume
  • Easy format change by spindle adjustment.

Packing pouches into boxes, trays or containers
Designed to pack pouches with or without fitments, bags, or cartons into: 

  • Single piece display boxes
  • Two piece display trays
  • Box plus lid systems
  • Plastic trays
  • B2B containers
These pouch packing machines are suitable for flat, stand up, nested, or multiple row packing patterns, and capable of handling triangular packs and other specially shaped pouches.
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