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KGB Security's masterkey lock systems: controlling access to individual rooms

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KGB Security  offers a variety of lock and key systems and solutions suitable for both commercial and manufacturing businesses.
KGB's masterkey lock systems are distinguished from keyed alike systems, where all locks and access are keyed under one individual key. The masterkey lock system is used to describe a system which allows companies to manage and control access through individual doors.

Prior to electronic access control systems or digital locks, masterkey lock systems were the only way to restrict access to specific areas. Today masterkey lock systems are still used in small to medium sized businesses to give and restrict access to certain areas for staff.

The main benefit of KGB's lock system is that it can be designed so that a manager has access to every lock in the building, while individual keys can be provided to workers to give them access to only specific rooms.  

KGB offers two types of masterkey systems:

Restricted masterkey systems

Features and benefits:

  • restricts the availability of key blanks and barrels
  • registered or restricted design pattern on the key or barrel
  • integrity of restricted product guaranteed - restricted system provider and locksmith have an agreement that is legally and ethically binding
  • locksmith controls system - when client needs additional keys they can order extra keys through a simple and signed request
  • client can nominate a responsible person within their organisation to be the designated signatory -  sample of that person's signature can be used to verify new orders
  • keys are trackable - each restricted key is individually stamped with a system number, rank and sequential generation
  • keys adhere to industry standards

High security restricted masterkey systems

Features and benefits:

  • extra security added to the key system
  • system can withstand software which is designed to breach security systems
  • EWA systems uses sidebars and multiple profile barrels to ensure security

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