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KGB Security's digital electronic safe combination locks enhancing safe security

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KGB Security  offers a variety of safe lock options for its customers. The latest safe lock development is the company's digital electronic safe combination locks. These electronic safe locks provide extra security and added benefits compared to traditional safe locks.

Safes have generally been around for over 200 years. The earliest safes required keys to lock and unlock them. The problem with this was that simply having access to the key and the safe meant that a person could have access to the contents of the safe. 

The problems associated with key lock safes, triggered the development of mechanical combination locks for safes. Conventional combination safe locks required the turning of a dial to a certain number of turns to the left to the first number then right to the second number etc. The problem with this was that it was extremely time consuming and required a level of technical expertise and training. Combination locks also only provided 400 to 500,000 combinations compared to the millions made available by today's electronic locks

Changing the combination for mechanical safe locks also required the services of a professional locksmith or safe technician. Mechanical combination locks would also require a periodical maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and to prevent lock outs from occuring.

KGB's digital electronic safe locks have since been developed over the past decade to eliminate the problems associated with older locks.

Features and benefits of KGB's electronic safe locks:

  • ease of use
  • combination for the lock can be easily changed
  • no need for a key - avoids problems of keys being lost or stolen
  • lock combination can be changed easily using pushbutton feature 
  • over one million usable and settable combinations
  • easily remembered numbers can be changed easily
  • extra security: 'Penalty Lockout Mode' activates after 4 wrong tries and shuts down keypad for 3 minutes after which 1 more try is allowed before the penalty is reapplied
  • enhanced set of optional features can be purchased which allow for greater control - safes can be limited in access to certain times of the day and to certain specified users
  • dual combination feature available - where two people are required to open the safe
  • time locking as well as audit trail features provide a record of the access to the safe - suitable for businesses which have several levels of management that require access and control to materials

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