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KGB Security's alarm systems suitable for commercial and manufacturing use

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article image Alarm systems by KBG Security offers different levels of security

KGB Security  offers a variety of alarm systems which are suitable for commercial and manufacturing needs. Each alarm type has specific benefits and features which provides enhanced building security and safety.

Types of alarm systems in KGB's range:

Burglar alarm

KGB's burglar alarm is designed for two specific functions, to scare/and or panic an unauthorised intruder, and to alert the attention of passerbys and/or passing police cars. This is the most basic type of alarm available which works to provide security through a siren alert.

Monitored alarms

Monitored alarm systems are becoming the standard to deter theft in both homes and business with added functions compared to regular burglar alarms. 

Benefits and features:

  • monitored alarms are achieved by connecting a transmitting device such as either a GPRS dialler or a modem dialler
  • when activation is detected - alarm panel can 'call' either a control room, mobile phone or send an sms

GPRS alarms

GPRS alarms operate in a similar fashion to monitored alarms but have added benefits and features which include:

  • added benefit of using (wireless) mobile phone sim card technology which can contact the control room if any part of the alarm equipment is tampered with or activated
  • 'polling' function adds extra security: GPRS panel sends a signal every 90 seconds to the control room
  • most GPRS panels have a back up sim card
  • two different or multiple mobile carriers can be used and installed to the system as a back up mechanism
  • rooms can be isolated, so that alarms only detect and work in certain areas
  • smoke detectors can be added to KGB's alarm systems which automatically send signals direct to the fire brigade when fires are detected -  this ensures safety especially for manufacturing buildings at night
  • arming and disarming:  most GRPS alarms can be programmed to use a blipper or a fob (similar to the ones used to unlock modern cars) for arming and disarming. However, a remote control system can also be installed so that arming and disarming can be controlled from remote locations
  • SMS technology now allows alarms to be turned on and off from locations far away from the alarm

Installation tips for KGB's alarm systems:

It is critical to have an alarm system installed somewhere, where it is well protected to ensure the panel has enough time to contact a control room before criminals can locate the panel and destroy it.

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