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KeyWatcher 8-key system with Bio fingerprint reader

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Keywatch Systems Queensland is a leading supplier of electronic security key safes and key cabinets which supersede conventional and old fashioned manual key cabinets and outdated key boards.

The KeyWatcher and KeyBank key cabinets are used throughout Australia and many other countries for securing and monitoring all types of keys in facilities such as casinos, correctional centres, universities, hospitals, shopping centres, major sporting facilities, Government facilities and last but not least, for the control of vehicle fleets.

Conventional key cabinets rely almost entirely on the honour system for the issuing, use and return of keys and do not enforce any accountability on the user. There are no automated methods for restricting unauthorised access to keys and no management support tools for conducting key audits when something goes wrong.

Electronic key safes and key cabinets however, provide many benefits to large facilities where keys as with most places today are issued to staff and contractors on a casual or temporary basis for convenience.

A common instance are keys, (generally master or sub-master keys), that are issued to cleaners and other contractors enabling them unrestricted access to perform their duties. Such keys are virtually handed out on a trust basis with little concern of the real potential for such keys being stolen or lost.

The consequences of lost keys is enormous and costs facilities thousands of dollars in lock and key changes without taking into account the impending losses to property and assets.

On the other hand, electronic key safes and key cabinets such as the KeyWatcher and KeyBank systems greatly minimise if not eliminate the slight potential for keys to be lost, stolen or even misused without authorisation.

They automatically issue keys to authorised users only, recording the time, date, user’s name and key name and number and then monitor the keys until they are safely returned.

If a key is not returned within a specific time frame, an alarm is raised at the key cabinet as well as at local or remote PC’s. Users of KeyWatcher keys safes and key cabinets are individually programmed into the system database which allows management to restrict not only their access to certain keys but also at which time, date and for how long they may have keys.

When used for controlling vehicle keys the KeyWatcher stands alone. It issues keys for certain vehicles to certain staff only, records all use of vehicles by time and date so that parking fines, red light and speeding tickets or even damage to vehicles can be instantly identified to the driver via the comprehensive Key-Pro audit software

KeyWatcher and KeyBank key safes and cabinets do not require any changes whatsoever to existing locks or key systems and come in sizes to accommodate from 8 keys up to thousands of keys. They can be integrated with existing alarm and access control systems, accessed by PIN, card or biometric readers and expanded at any time to accommodate additional keys as required.

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