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New models of conveyors

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Kennards Lift & Shift has introduced several new models of conveyors to cater for needs in diverse work areas, from factories and transport terminals to building and landscaping sites.

A 4 metre flexible conveyor is ideal for loading and unloading trucks in a faster, safer and easier fashion.

The 4 metre flexible conveyor has a capacity of 300kg per linear metre, widths of 450mm and 600mm, and a 720mm to 1000mm adjustable conveyor height. Units can be joined simply to provide any length run.

The second of the new models is a motorised conveyor, which has the same specifications as the flexible conveyor, but with an adjustable speed up to 30metres per minute.

A gravity roller conveyor can also be hired, which is 600mm wide and 3000mm long, and is a simple, heavy duty, straight-line system suitable for several applications.

Completing the new equipment is a belted range of self-contained, lightweight conveyors, which are ideal for landscaping and material movement, but can also be used for other purposes as well.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, they are more robust and reliable than some imported conveyors, which were previously available. They come in lengths of 3000mm and 6000mm, and are 450mm wide; can be linked to cover any distance and can even go around corners.

Materials can be shovelled or bucket loaded directly on to the belts.

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