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Mini loaders available at Kennards Hire

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A large number of mini loaders with extra grunt are now available across the Kennards Hire network under an on-going enhancement program.

More than a quarter of the 200 Dingo mini loaders in the Kennards Hire’s fleet are the new model K9-3P. The P does not indicate that the 200 Dingo mini loaders are petrol-powered, but, rather that they have a powerful Perkins diesel engine.

The Dingo 950s, which revolutionised the mini loader industry when they were introduced because of their extra power and versatility, are being retired as they reach a set number of operating hours.

Several features of the popular 950 model have been retained in the new 200 Dingo mini loader, with some improvements, including a stronger arm and more comfort for the operator with rubber inserts in the operator's platform giving buffered protection from the chassis.

Kennards Hire decided all the 200 Dingo mini loaders should have the extra muscle provided by a 15kW (20hp) diesel engine in preference to the option of a petrol engine.

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