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Kennards Hire’s new service locator assisting in underground service detection

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article image The new service locator assists with underground service detection

Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced a new service locator to its equipment hire range.

Companies involved in excavation work are likely to hit and puncture underground services, shutting down the project site and leading to lost productivity, potential for injury to personnel, and costly repairs, all of which can drastically reduce profit.

The new service locators from Kennards Hire Test & Measure are designed to eliminate this risk by assisting with underground service detection.

Leo De Sousa, Branch Manager of Kennards Hire Test & Measure East Brisbane explains that the new service locator uses the latest in digital signal processing to pinpoint the exact position, route and depth of underground pipes. Designed to detect, identify and trace specific sub-surface pipes and cables reliably and accurately, even in the most congested areas and difficult environments, the service locator can also locate smaller 20mm diameter copper services.

Key features of Kennards Hire’s service locators include lightweight design at just 2.6kg (including batteries); durable and robust design ensuring onsite reliability and accuracy; wide range of operating frequencies and adjustable power output increasing performance versatility; and push button depth measurement and signal current measurement functions allowing users of other pipe detection equipment to easily adapt.

The service locator can also be used in conjunction with a traceable copper rod to track PVC pipe by placing the rod through the pipe and putting a frequency into the copper line. Additionally, an A-Frame can be used with the service locator for finding sheath faults in power lines.

Kennards Hire’s service locators are recommended for a diverse range of industries including commercial development and civil construction, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications, DIY, and utilities services.

Kennards Hire Test & Measure offers an extensive range of highly sensitive testing equipment including concrete cover meters, ultrasonic leak detectors, vacuum test kits, hydrostatic test pumps, anchor testers and non-invasive smoke machines in addition to a wide array of handheld devices. 

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