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Kennards Hire Rail has added yet another innovative product to their equipment stable. The Cobra TT is the perfect companion for Rail corridor projects, specifically designed for tie tampering. 

The Cobra TT's portability makes it an incredibly practical tool, and flexibility in its applications make it one of the most valuable members of any rail maintenance team. As well as tie tampering, the Cobra TT can also be used for spiking or as a breaker. 

The Cobra TT is easy to transport and quick to set up, only requiring one person to do so. Favoured for its efficiency balancing ballast locally, the Cobra TT is low in noise and emissions, and also has a HAPS (Hand and Arm Protection System). 

There are multiple attachments available through Kennards Hire Rail branches including tamper tie, dog knocker, moils, asphalt cutter and a drive pad. 

The Cobra TT uses include; tamping rail ballast, dog knocking/installation, jack hammering and balancing rail ballast. Check out this video to learn more about the Cobra TT.

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