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Hire equipment from Kennards Concrete Care assists concrete business growth

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article image A four head grinder at the Pace Farm's plant

Pace Farm, one of Australia’s leading egg producers, used a heavy duty, four head grinder from Kennards Concrete Care to profile a 1,500sqm floor for a new processing facility. Bedrocx, specialists in modified concrete floor levels and epoxy and urethane flooring, hired the machine from Kennards Concrete Care. After applying epoxy resin, an epoxy coating was added to the new concrete levels before the job was finished.

According to Michael and Stephen Mueller, who started Bedrocx three years ago, hiring specialised equipment from Kennards Concrete Care has helped them build their business. In addition to heavy-duty, four head grinders, they also hire grinders, Dingo profilers, shot blasters, scrapers, sanders, vacuums, saws and jackhammers and have grown every year. Equipment from Kennards Concrete Care has been cost effective particularly in the early years, when most businesses are under capitalised.

Another advantage from Kennards Concrete Care is the expert equipment knowledge and free on-site advice service they provide. On various occasions, Kennards Concrete Care have come out and looked at Bedrocx jobs, especially when Bedrocx were not familiar with the machinery. Kennards Concrete Care have helped set up the machine and also imparted a mini-training session to Bedrocx.

Bedrocx think Kennards Concrete Care’s approach has mutual benefits. Kennards Concrete Care’s service results in building a long-term customer relationship as they know that the machines are being used in the right way and won’t be damaged by improper use.

Kennards Concrete Care has outlets in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

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