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Floating on air with AeroGo air casters from Kennards Lift & Shift

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Kennards Lift & Shift now offers AeroGo air casters for hire.

Designed to move heavy equipment or machinery, AeroGo air casters offer a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonnes, enabling heavy loads to be floated on a cushion of air and precisely guided into position by hand for safe and effortless relocation.

Conventional options such as dollies, conveyors, cranes and continuous chain style rollers have load limitations, labour requirements and site safety considerations, often requiring the heavy equipment and machinery to be disassembled, moved and then reassembled. This process has the potential to cause damage to the equipment or loss of expensive components, adding to downtime and resulting in disruption to production schedules.

Each set of air casters is made up of four individual pads, which are inflated to 90psi by an operator monitoring a portable module with pressure gauges. Each caster is inflated separately to ensure even load distribution, and floats approximately 2.5cm above the floor.

Kennards Lift & Shift General Manager, Andrew Lambert explains that the air caster pads are suited to a broad range of industries and are ideal for manufacturing and assembly applications, transporting or moving finished products to shipping, storage and testing areas.

Andrew adds that establishments such as hospitals and science laboratories have all experienced the benefits of moving sensitive freight and highly calibrated equipment with the AeroGo air casters. They are also utilised to position components and machinery in order to optimise limited floor space.

Being elevated on a cushion of air provides a wider load weight distribution, allowing smooth and omni-directional movement.

Best suited to smooth floor surfaces, AeroGo air casters can also be used to move heavy loads on rough surfaces, uneven areas and expensive marble foyers by placing inexpensive overlay material such as 1.0mm aluminium sheeting or vinyl flooring to create a smooth travel path.

With their versatility, cost efficiency, and time and labour saving advantages, AeroGo air casters from Kennards Lift & Shift are becoming the preferred method for moving heavy loads.

Kennards Lift & Shift operates equipment hire centres in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne (two outlets), Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.

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