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article image This aluminium gantry is versatile to use under various conditions.

KENNARDS Lift and Shift recently sought to purchase a unique aluminium gantry, one that is unlike other conventional gantries common to other hire stores. Great for providing a portable lifting point, it's a 1500kg unit from 2m to 5m span and can go up to a span of 6m (1000kg SWL). The height is adjustable from 1m to 4m. This aluminium gantry is exclusive to Kennards Lift and Shift and is now available for hire.

Another unique feature is its wall mountable plates. With the ability to reduce one leg and mount against the wall for tight situations, the aluminium gantry is versatile to use under various conditions and situations.

“We were looking for something with both strength and versatility,” said a spokesperson from Kennards Lift and Shift. “Often on the job we understand various things can occur, which means equipment needs to be used in different ways to complete the task.”

“It's just not practical for a contractor to have to hire different pieces of equipment to get the job done. This particular unit is able to offer the option of working at different heights and spans and that's exactly what is needed when your on the job.”

Kennards Lift and Shift’s culture centres on versatility and a unique approach. Due to their specialised knowledge in the lifting, carrying and pulling division, they are able to customise approaches to suit the job.

When Dave Worley from Walsos was given the task of building a new lift shaft at Our Lady of Mercy High School, he immediately contacted Kennards Lift and Shift for some advice. With their help, Mr Worley decided on using an aluminium gantry and the all new Minifor winch to lift blocks and sand up three storeys. These winches are capable of lifting up to 950kg to heights of 100m. Weighing only 23kg, they are a far better proposition than electric chain hoists.

Jobs requiring versatility in equipment hire are common at Kennards Lift and Shift. Therefore, they like to stock equipment that can be used in a variety of situations. Jobs don't always go to plan, according to the company, and they believe it’s their job to try and suggest the safest and easiest approach - this is the reasoning behind the creation of a specialist lifting division.

"This method has saved me so much time and the work has all been done in a safe, professional manner,” said Mr Worley. “It's good for me, good for my boys and good for my client.”

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