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KENNAMETAL has added new 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm grooving inserts and toolholders, a full line of inch width inserts, and three new high performance grades to its A4 grooving line.

The new grades include two new chemical vapour deposition (CVD) coated materials, KC9110 and KC9125, that offer dramatic improvements in performance.

The third new grade, KD1405, is a pure diamond cutting tool material that can provide major improvements in tool life on materials such as aluminum alloys with moderate to high silicon content.

The new inch line includes 0.125 inch, 0.187 inch, 0.250 inch, 0.312 inch, and 0.375 inch inserts.

Kennametal has added face grooving tools to the A4 line in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 0.125 inch, and 0.187 inch widths.

Grade KC9110 is an ISO class P10 grade that is designed for finishing operations while Grade KC9125 is a P25 class grade designed for universal machining on all types of steel.

The key to the performance gains offered by these new grades is advancements in coating bonding technology that make it possible to apply three main layers and several additional sub-layers of coating with a total thickness of 18-microns.

These coatings are 25% to 75% thicker than conventional coated carbides.

KD1405 results from a breakthrough in diamond-processing technology that makes it possible to achieve much higher strength and toughness without a binder, resulting in dramatic improvements in wear resistance.

The new material is produced using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), applied by a plasma torch method, providing a pure diamond microstructure that is tough enough to withstand interrupted cuts.

The new Kennametal A4 turning and grooving system offers the ability to perform grooving and side turning in either direction as well as cutoff operations.

The A4 system offers a unique insert holder that features a top guide rail that is locked by the clamp, a 120-degree bottom prism seating surface, and a long clamping area.

The result is extremely stable clamping, making it possible to perform side turning at up to 0.016 inches per revolution, twice the feed rate of existing tools.

A4 also provides economical double-edged inserts that can be used for grooving at depths up to five times the groove width, sufficient to handle 80% of all grooving operations. A4 tooling can often replace multiple tools, including grooving, cutoff, and right- and left-hand diamond profiling tools.

Performing all these different operations with a single toolholder and insert can increase productivity by reducing turret indexing time and lower tooling costs by minimising the number of tools that need to be kept in stock.

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