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FLIR’s Airtec diesel particulate monitors available from Kenelec Scientific

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FLIR presents the Airtec diesel particulate monitors (DPM) designed to display elemental carbon levels in real time.

Designed as a wearable device, the DMP/EC monitors take measurement out of the laboratory and place it in the hands of mine operators or ventilation engineers for real-time readings. The air monitoring instruments verify effectiveness of ventilation and allow corrective action to be taken promptly.

Sensitive, rugged and easy to use, the Airtec diesel particulate monitors provide time-and-space-resolved results, enabling rapid modification of vehicle use, personnel placement and mine or building ventilation.

Employing technology developed by the diesel particulate group at the NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory, Airtec diesel particulate monitors precisely replicate results from their method 5040 test.

The highly versatile monitors are designed as compact and lightweight devices that can be easily worn on a miner’s belt or be mounted on a vehicle cab, mine wall or ventilation equipment.

The Lithium-ion battery provides power for more than a full shift. Alternatively, the monitor can be powered by AC power using an adapter.

Key features of Airtec diesel particulate monitors:

  • Lightweight, portable rugged device for field applications 
  • LCD screen with a user-selectable backlight displays readings 
  • Data can be downloaded using supplied software via USB connection for review of extended monitoring periods 
  • Integrated air pump and submicron particle size selector allows immediate use 
  • Wearable by miners on a belt loop or vehicle/wall mounted 
  • High sensitivity to DPM 
  • Contains a flow-selectable air pump 
  • Equivalent results to NIOSH method 5040 
  • Battery or AC power 
Advantages of Airtec diesel particulate monitors:
  • Decreased DPM monitoring costs 
  • Helps prevent MSHA non-compliance 
  • Increased miner safety 
  • High DPM level alarms 
  • Allows engineering control evaluation 
  • Enables ventilation on demand (VOD) 
  • Real time results 
  • Zero sensitivity to common mine interference 
FLIR’s Airtec diesel particulate monitors are available from Kenelec Scientific .

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23/10/2013 - Current carbon is the build up of Carbon Black generated by Diesel fumes during a work shift. Operation of the Airtec is described as follows: Mine air is drawn by a flow controlled diaphragm pump through a particle size selector which only permits the passage of submicron particles. These particles are collected on a filter. A laser illuminates the filter and the transmittance of the laser beam is measured in real-time by the instrument. As DPM particles accumulate on the filter, the light transmittance decreases. The instrument converts this decrease in transmittance into a real-time concentration of elemental carbon in the air using calibration data obtained by the NIOSH laboratory using the NIOSH 5040 Method.

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