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Chemtrac PC3400 Particle Counters available from Kenelec Scientific for Particle Detection

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Chemtrac PC3400 particle counters available from Kenelec Scientific are designed for particle detection applications in the water treatment industry.  

The PC3400 incorporates several user-friendly features such as simple calibration, powerful ARM processor, large display and data logging capabilities.  

Calibrating the PC3400 particle counters is extremely uncomplicated for end users and can be accomplished by accessing the calibration features via the front panel keypad and performing automatic sizing calibration of any selected size range in seconds.  

While most conventional particle counters require connecting to a computer for set-up, the Chemtrac PC3400 incorporates a powerful ARM processor, a completely self-contained unit featuring a front panel keypad that can be used to change end user settings.  

Settings can also be changed over RS-232 or RS-485 using MODBUS or serial terminal commands.  

The PC3400 particle counters are equipped with a large LCD graphical display measuring 3.5” x 2” allowing for more information to be clearly displayed for the user including particle counts in up to 8 size ranges.  

A graphing feature combined with data logging capabilities allows for an up-to-date trend plot of 64 most recent recorded values.  

The PC3400 is designed to function as part of a network of particle counters as well as an independent device that requires no external devices to perform its job.  

The on-board memory is capable of holding up to 65,000 sample strings.  

Standard features of PC3400 particle counters: 

  • Detection 2-900 microns, sizing 2-100 microns
  • Up to 8 user programmable size channels
  • Reports raw counts, counts/mL or counts/100mL
  • User-friendly, menu-driven calibration
  • User keypad for complete system setup
  • MODBUS RTU communication
  • Sensor laser and cell condition readout (0-100%)
  • External sensor with sapphire optics

Optional features: 

  • TracWare (MB) software to record data
  • Analogue output board (4-20mA signals)
  • Multiple communication protocols supported

Key benefits: 

  • Provides particle size and quantity information, and detects particulate down to low ppt levels
  • User-friendly calibration facilitates fast and simple calibrations
  • Eliminates need for routine factory calibration, lowering maintenance cost
  • User keypad with extensive menu functions eliminates requirement for external software for set-up
  • Large display shows all 8 particle size channels simultaneously

Key applications of PC3400 particle counters: 

  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Reverse osmosis pre-treatment
  • Membrane filtration
  • Boiler/condensate
  • Parts washing
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical

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