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Rainwater re-use system

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article image Kelair-RRS rainwater re-use system.

WITH the current and predicted restrictions on water usage, rain and stormwater re-use is fast becoming a standard requirement on all projects.

Re-use systems normally take the form of pressure systems to run irrigation and flush toilets.

Kelair's engineers have identified two different control principles for operating re-use systems, either the Kelair-RRS or a Solenoid top-up system.

The Solenoid top-up system is commonplace but has significant disadvantages. If the pumps fail or there is a power outage, then critical systems such as toilets will not operate. Often dual pumpsets are used to offer redundancy.

However, the Kelair-RRS range features a robust industrial-rated solution for rainwater re-use. The system includes automatic towns' main back-up in the event of power failure or insufficient rain/storm-water supply.

Due to the flow and pressure ratings of the Kelair-RRS, any pump or pump system can be connected.

Features of the Kelair-RRS range include:

* RRS1.0 (1.0l/s)

* RRS1.5 (1.5l/s)

* RRS2.0 (2.0l/s)

* RRS3.7 (3.7l/s)

* RRS 5.9 (5.9l/s)

* 1000kPa rated

* Single or dual pumps - Duty/standby operation

* Hydrovar variable speed pumps

* Submersible pressure pumps.

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