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JJ Hooks concrete barriers available from KB Group

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KB Group presents JJ Hooks concrete barriers approved for use by South Australia DTEI, VicRoads, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority and Queensland Main Roads.

JJ Hooks concrete barriers are fully compliant with AS1742.3 and AS/NZS 3845 requirements.

Crash tested to NCHRP-350 Test Level 3 (TL-3), the concrete safety barriers offer ease of installation and deflection upon vehicle impact. The low maintenance concrete barriers are also economical for purchase or hire.

Highlights of the NCHRP-350 TL-3 crash test report:

  • Test speed 100kph at a 25º approach angle 
  • Test vehicle > 2000kg 
  • Test vehicle was contained and redirected without intruding 
  • Test vehicle did not penetrate, under ride or override the barrier into adjacent travel lanes 
  • Barriers did not detach 
  • Barrier deflection was only 1.3 metres (max) 
Designed for safety, JJ Hooks concrete barriers offer several advantages to contractors working on roads and highways as well as to the travelling public.

Highly visible public safety measure

Featuring bright orange paintwork (hire barriers only) and F-Shape profile, the JJ Hooks concrete barriers provide road users with a highly visible work site safety marker.

Higher site traffic speeds

Australian Standard 1742.3:2002, Section 4.3 permits higher traffic speeds adjacent to work sites protected by NCHRP-350 TL-3 compliant barriers. The use of JJ Hooks barriers reduces disruption to established traffic movement patterns as well as inconvenience to road users.

Emergency access

Temporary or emergency access is available at any point and at any time with the unique JJ Hooks connector allowing any individual barrier (or group of barriers) within a run to be quickly lifted out of the way using a forklift, small crane or excavator with a set of lifting chains and standard 2.5-tonne lifting clutches.

Vandal proof

Unlike conventional barriers, JJ Hooks concrete barriers do not incorporate loose hardware, moving parts, pins, bolts, brackets, cables, nuts, water or sand ballast for vandals to tamper with.

These safety barriers are designed to prevent loss of structural integrity or security due to lost or missing hardware, also saving the cost of replacing missing hardware.

Quick and easy installation

JJ Hooks concrete barriers offer one of the lowest installation costs of any TL-3 barrier system, thanks to the self-aligning properties of the hooks and their rebates, the identical ends and the lack of loose hardware. One person and a loader operator can install approximately 1000 metres in an 8-hour shift.

Portable barriers

The standard 3.6-metre unit weighs less than 2.5 tonne and can fit in the tray of most small trucks used on roadwork sites. The self aligning nature of the barriers allows excavators or other plant, with a certified lifting point, to install and remove barriers quickly and efficiently even if a crane is not available.

Alignment flexibility

The standard 3.6-metre barrier can be placed on horizontal alignments (left or right) with a minimum radius of 30 metres and on vertical alignments with radii as tight as 30 metres (sag) and 53 metres (crest).

End treatments

JJ Hooks barriers can be easily attached to any of the NCHRP compliant crash cushions including the Quadguard, NEAT, ADIEM, React 350 and ABSORB 350. The barriers can be aligned so that the ends are beyond the clear zone and the line of the barriers converges with the traffic alignment at 10:1.

Workplace Health and Safety

JJ Hooks concrete barriers meet various requirements of the Workplace Health & Safety Act, thanks to their compliance with NCHRP-350 TL-3 and AS/NZS 3845 in addition to the hazard-free design that eliminates the problems of loose or missing hardware, difficult emergency access or faulty installation.

The safety barriers also allow contractors and various road authorities to provide their staff, subcontractors and the traveling public with a safe and healthy workplace in accordance with the requirements of the local Workplace Health & Safety Act. 

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