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NEW range of heating modules

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HEATING specialist Kanthal has launched six new products in its Superthal range of heating modules. Each has been designed and developed for a specific end use application.

Superthal modules combine Kanthal Super heating elements with ceramic fibre to provide compact and modular heating systems.

The new products extend the existing range using developments in Superthal technology.

Standard Superthal modules - half cylinders and muffles - are designed for element temperatures up to 1600°C. The new Superthal HT uses a newly developed and special Kanthal Super element material to increase the temperature capability to 1725°C.

The new modules, for use in vertical tube furnaces, are available in standard sizes or as specially designed heating packages with heating elements, back insulation and stainless steel casing.

Mini-Superthal is a compact and complete heater, ready to connect to the power supply. It has an internal diameter of 26mm or 31mm and a maximum element temperature of 1550°C.

Capable of rapid heating and cooling, and with a uniform temperature throughout, Mini-Superthal is aimed at melting and processing applications in research laboratories and in the dental and medical industries.

Designed for feeder forehearths in the glass industry, Superthal Flat Panels satisfy specific feeder requirements in terms of power and dimensions.

Fitted with Kanthal Super heating elements they have a maximum power output of 150kW/m2 and a length span of up to 1000mm. Operating temperature is up to 1600°C in air atmosphere.

Key benefits of Superthal Flat Panels are reduced energy consumption, often up to 40 per cent, and precise temperature control which contributes to improved glass quality.

The Kanthal High Power Reflector is a new, compact, fibre insulated modular heater designed for use wherever concentrated power at temperatures up to 1650°C is required.

Examples are billet heating, aluminium melting furnaces and ladle heaters. Produced at a standard 600mm x 600mm and rated at 40kW, multiple units can be joined together in rows or squares.

A new generation of ready-to-install radiators, producing short wave infra-red radiation and element temperatures of 1400-1450°C is also now available.

Designed for preheating, soldering or enamelling thin materials, paint drying applications and high temperature sintering, the main advantage with Kanthal infra-red heaters is that terminals do not have to be cooled.

This results in 20-30 per cent higher power yield compared with alternative methods such as halogen lamps or gas fired radiators.

Specially designed for welding and processing optical fibres at temperatures up to 1700°C in air atmosphere, the Superthal Micro Heater again combines the Kanthal Super heating element technology with a ceramic high temperature fibre which allows for fast heating and precise ramping.

Temperatures can be maintained with close tolerances over time. As well as optical fibre processing, the Micro Heater can be adapted for high temperature use with a variety of materials.

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