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Custom built turnkey solution from Kanga Loaders

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Earthmoving and loading machinery specialist Kanga Loaders has developed the custom-built turnkey solution for individuals and companies involved in digging, drilling, scooping, loading and lifting.

Business-on-a-Trailer is based on the company’s longstanding high quality skid steered loader technology.

But beyond the product itself, Kanga’s turnkey deal also provides the necessary business planning, budgeting for profit, market analysis, and technical consultation and planning, optimising a leasing package and ongoing technical support.

This is a complete business package developed to ensure all clients investing in the technology make the right choices in equipment, plus enter the market with proper planning and ongoing maintenance and partnering.

Business-on-a-Trailer is a portable technology utilising more than 60 attachments for industrial applications.

Uses for the customised machines ranges across industries including horticulture, landscaping, plumbing, landscaping, mining and quarrying, public works, energy and infrastructure and others.

As the inventor of the world’s first stand-on skid steer loader, Kanga custom builds these machines with their own trailer to provide a complete solution for portability, convenience and profit potential.

Business-on-a-Trailer is specifically designed to take its tool attachments (there are more than 62 attachments anything from a rock drill with drilling capacity up to 50m through to rear-mounted backhoes).

This versatile machinery replaces labour to complete jobs on time, without personal injury, while reducing hire costs.

Designed to provide years of reliable, trouble-free service, Kanga deliberately engineered the dimensions of each customised unit to keep it physically small than other comparable earthmoving equipment.

This important design aspect allows access to physically tighter areas (general width of a customised unit is less than 1100mm, although models can be as slim as 850mm depending on its intended use).

In developing this new technology, Kanga has upheld its high standards of engineering and safety by including, among other features, self levelling buckets, automatic shutdown of auxiliary hydraulics, and a simplified track system with extra ground clearance.

Maximum lifting capacity of any customised unit is 340 kg at full height when the operator is standing off the machine. Travelling speed is up to 9.6 km per hour. Any Business-on-a-Trailer is easily hauled by a two-tonne vehicle. Every customised Business-on-a-Trailer has good speed and break-out force.

Additional safety features include a self levelling bucket that ensures the driver never tips the load onto himself/herself, while a 38° toolback function on the bucket ensures the operator never has to drive a full load with the arms raised.

An automatic cut-off of the auxiliary hydraulics occurs as soon as the operator steps off the machine.

A full risk assessment has been made by external bodies on all aspects of this technology from the control system right through to the functions of the fuel tank. During operation, the unit can be loaded onto the trailer without it being attached to the vehicle.

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