Solar Power Purchase Agreement and Solar Leasing for Mining


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With the ongoing rise of diesel fuel prices it is increasingly important for Australian mining companies to minimise energy bills wherever possible.

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement from K2 Solar allows mining companies to reduce energy costs without a large initial capital outlay.

K2Solar Australia Power Purchasing agreements and solar leasing offers as an alternative to energy companies and paying inordinate electricity prices.

The alternative to this is solar power as it can help to reduce energy bills as well as the environmental footprint that is created through the usage of energy products. As the initial payment for these Solar Photovoltaic systems can be costly for some, K2Solar offer the Solar Leasing and Solar PPA.

Solar Leasing:

The suppliers of the solar PV system install the system and then fixed monthly payments are made for a period of around 10 years to sufficiently pay the system off.

Solar PPA:

A Power purchase agreement is where the solar company pays for the installation of the PV system and then a company purchases the power that it generates. This allows the solar company to retain ownership and responsibility for the system as well as any maintenance costs.

The key benefits of lease and PPA agreements for mining companies include:

No up-front costs for system installation

Responsibility for maintaining the system lies with the solar company

Savings on energy bills are realised immediately

With a PPA the rate is lower than that of a traditional energy provider, with companies protected from potential price rises over the term of the contract

A potential increase in property value

K2Solar offer solar leasing for up to 10 years with fixed repayments as well as the opportunity for companies to have a PPA system tailored to the companies needs all the while offering reliability, productivity, financial performance and environmental benefits.

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