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Just Wheelie Bins sells wheelie bins and wheelie bin accessories at retail, trade, wholesale or reseller, industry group and municipal council levels. In addition, Just Wheelie Bins manages local council bin rollouts on behalf of major bin manufacturers and municipal councils alike.

Just Wheelie Bins Management and Staff have more than 40 combined years at the coal face of Wheelie Bin sales and management, from bin washing to Senior Management Roles.

With their vast experience and industry contacts, you can be assured that they will provide you:
  • The Best level of Service in the Industry
  • Expert advice
  • Very Competitve Prices, due to the large volume of bins and accessories they sell each year
Wheelie Bins

2 Wheeled Wheelie Bins

  • From 60 Litres up to the maximum 360 litres
  • Environment friendly
  • Long Service Life
  • Suitable for Recycling
  • Frost Resistant
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • High Resistance to UV Radiation
  • Tap bins

4 Wheeled Wheelie Bins - Genuine European 660L and 1100L bins. Great value for commercial and industrial applications.

Wheelie Bin Accessories - Wheelie Bin Stands, Lid Lifter Bins, Bin Liners, Wheelie Bin Lid Locks, Wheelie Bin Lid Lifters, tow-a-bins and more.

Wheelie Bin Lifters - Wheelie Bin Lifters for all budgets, suitable for Schools through to the most difficult industrial applications.

Wheelie Bin Spare Parts - Spare Lids, Wheels, Axels, Hinge Pins and more.

Wheelie Bin Hire - Melbourne Only. Wheelie bin hiring services suitable for office clean outs and events only.

Rain Water Tanks - They have large volume rain water harvesting tanks to suit all circumstances - and budgets.

Water Storage Bins - They have ready made rain water storage bins and grey water storage bins (Home Water Bowsers, with built in automatic pump), or you can make your own, with their range of fittings suitable for grey water use. 

Municipal Contracting - Municipal Contracting Wheelie Bin Roll Outs Assembly and Distribution

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18/08/11 - New from Just Wheelie Bins, the EcoLift 50mm - 1500mm wheelie bin lifter is a simple manual crank handle operating bin lifter with safe lifting capacities of 50kg.
Supplier news
13/07/11 - Engineered to Australian safety standards, Lift Master Universal 250 bin lifters from Just Wheelie Bins incorporate several features that ensure employee safety during operation.
Supplier news
26/05/11 - Just Wheelie Bins offer a range of water storage products, including the Tap Bin series.
Supplier news
02/12/10 - Just Wheelie Bins specializes in large and small scale municipal contracting wheelie bin roll outs assembly and distribution services.
Supplier news
02/12/10 - Just Wheelie Bins supplies Drought Saver Water Bowsers, specifically designed to provide solutions for as many household water collection and recycling options as possible.
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Tel: 1300 587 824
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