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New E Series plastic pallet

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article image The JMP E Series Plastic Pallet

JMP Holdings ’ plastic pallet range now includes the E series 1200 x 1000 pallet, which is useful for exporting goods to regions such as Europe and North America.

JMP's Plastic Export Pallets can save money. With increasing costs of transportation, reducing a few kilograms per pallet can save an entire operation thousands of dollars.

Advantages of the E Series Pallets include:

* More than 10 years life span

* Lightweight design

* Safe to handle - free from screws & nails

* Cleanliness

* Hygienic and non-toxic

* Resistant to chemicals - particularly acids and alkalis

* Non-absorbent to moisture

* Dimensionally stable under all climactic conditions

* Odourless

* No fumigation required for export

* Minimum maintenance -free from splinters and chipping

* Resistant to U.V. Radiation

Specially selected HDPE material provides high impact and compression strength

Since they do not absorb moisture they are suitable for transporting items such as paper products or cement. The problem of decomposing wood is eliminated by using JMP plastic pallets.

These pallets are cold and heat resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, from as low as -50°C to as high as +60°C.

Not only do the materials used provide strength but the structure of the pallets have been carefully designed to ensure maximum performance and protection. All JMP Plastic Pallets are designed with a 4-way forklift system allowing the pallet to be picked up from any direction.

JMP E Series Plastic Pallets do not produce chips or particles during application. They are manufactured using a 'Two-Shot' moulding process with a special method used for the adhesion of connecting parts. This eliminates the need for protruding metal fasteners such as bolts and nuts, and nails. Therefore, superior performance is guaranteed especially for food processing industries and clean room environments.

JMP Plastic Pallets typically weigh around 50 to 70% less than equivalent wooden pallets with the same dimensions. With the costs of air freighting palletised goods ranging from just a few dollars per kilo to over $10 per kg, JMP Plastic Pallets can be transported for cheaper.

JMP Plastic Pallet Specifications

E Series - Reversible Pallet 4-way lift entry

Dimensions: 1220mm x 1016mm x 145mm

Weight: 11.0kg

Material: HDPE

Colour: Black

Loading Capacity: Static 3m/t

Dynamic 1m/t

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