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JMP Australia’s pallet inverters

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Pallet inverters are used to turn over or change pallets whilst still loaded with products. 

There are many reasons for changing a pallet while it is still loaded including changing between in-house and transport pallets, removing damaged pallets or removing damaged products which are at the bottom of a load. 

JMP Australia’s  pallet inverters make it easier to change pallets by eliminating the need to manually restack pallets by taking off the entire load and restacking it each time a pallet or load is changed. 

Instead the pallet inverter can remove the entire pallet or remove the entire load and rotate it by up to 180º.  The pallet can then be replaced and loads can be shifted to new or original positions after replacement. 

Other key features and benefits of JMP Australia’s pallet inverters include:

  • can handle capacities of up to 2000kg 
  • access load dimensions are up to 1380mm x 1200mm x 1800mm
  • can handle a maximum load height of 900mm
  • cycle time takes approximately 30-40 sec
  • uses 3 phase 1.5kW power control
  • full function pedestal included 
  • manual and automatic emergency stop function included

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