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JMP Australia announce new range of Kawasaki robots

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article image JMP Australia announce new range of Kawasaki robots

A new range of Kawasaki six-axis articulated arm robots has recently been announced by JMP Australia . The R-series is a new product line with advanced performance and functionality, and are designed to replace the existing F-series robots.

The RS10L and RS20N (10kg and 20kg payloads respectively) are the two models currently available. These models are the fastest robots in their class on the market. Kawasaki is in the process of expanding the product range and will eventually offer a full line-up capable of handling 3 to 80 kg payloads. More recently the RS50N and RS80N (50kg and 80kg payload) robots were announced, and are due for shipping late 2009.

Features of the RS10L and RS20N robots include:

  • The new R-series robots provide improved speed, torque, repeatability and other performance features
  • The new robots feature a compact arm design with harnesses and hoses routed completely inside the arm, to prevent interference with the surroundings
  • The wrist on the robot is now more compact and stronger, giving an increased payload
  • There are other improvements made on the robots such as a smaller base, increased reach, and a lighter arm that utilises faster motors, resulting in a robot with a greater and more accessible working range
  • The R-Series robots include a double seal structure for high environment protection
  • Wrist components are rated IP67 as standard while other components are rated IP65
  • As an option, IP67 components and waterproof base connectors are available
  • Solenoid and sensor harnesses are also available on the robots
  • Taps for external wiring and mechanical stops
The robots are controlled using Kawasaki’s new compact E-Controller.  The new controller has a footprint 25% smaller (and with 40% less volume) to that of the previous D-controller, but also has increased performance such as reduce processing times and increased memory area.
JMP partner with Kawasaki Heavy Industries in providing robotic packing and palletising systems, and welcome the introduction of this new series of robots and controllers.

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