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article image Jehbco Silicones used in 'Polar Bear Shores'

Jehbco Manufacturing  are proud to be a part of the construction of a new polar bear enclosure at Sea World.

On December the 26th 2000 Sea World, Gold Coast Australia, opened "Polar Bear Shores" which was built for the purpose of breeding polar bears in captivity, utilising the latest technology gained from international research. This multi-million dollar complex was designed for the public to view the polar bears in their 'natural' habitat.

Jehbco Manufacturing, a market leaders in silicon extrusion were approached to manufacture a suitable silicone seal for the huge especially laminated glass windows which were to be installed using Jebsil silicone, manufactured from raw material by Wacker Chemicals Australia.

These laminated glass windows were manufactured by Architectural Glass Projects to retain the massive water volume on the inside of the tank, while enabling the public to observe the polar bears in their natural surroundings.

Jehbco approached Wacker Chemicals for the best silicone compound for this project. Wacker then formulated an elastasil material to meet the requirements of tensile, compression set, shock impact harness, tensile elongation and water immersion qualities.

Jehbco manufactured seals strong enough to accommodate 63mm which is used above and below water level in the polar bear enclosure. These windows and seals were designed to withstand the enormous water pressure and massive shock impact from the polar bears and the seals were fabricated keeping in mind the value added properties of silicone being ultra violet and temperature resistant and unaffected by immersion in water.

Jehbco Manufacturing is an all Australian owned company specialising in silicone rubbers. From initial design to tooling and site installation, the job was completed in only four weeks at Jehbco’s factory. The seals were so large they had to be transported individually by truck to the site in Queensland.

Jehbco Manufacturing is involved in other major projects in the engineering, medical, nuclear medicine, food and lighting industries.

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