Hospital Tubing Made from Platinum Silicone Elastomer from Jehbco Manufacturing


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Jehbsil Silicone Hospital Tubing is made from 100% medical grade platinum silicone elastomer and is environmentally friendly, unlike its plastic alternatives.

Jehbsil Silicone Hospital Tubing releases no toxic fumes when disposed of by incineration.

Translucent tubing supplied individually sealed and packaged

This silicone hospital tubing is popular uses for Jehbco tubing including Peristaltic pumps, aspirating, suction, infusion, anaesthetic machine circuits, food manufacturing and processing, laboratory and scientific equipment.

  • Supplied in 15 metre coils
  • Bulk packaging can also be arranged
  • 22 different sizes available off the shelf, the smallest being 0.64mmID x 1.19mmOD up to the largest 15.9mmID x 22.2mmOD
  • Extremely flexible and has excellent memory characteristics
  • F.D.A. and European Pharmacopoeia approved material which are odourless, tasteless and non-toxic
As Jehbco is a 100% Australian manufacturer, we can also make our tubing to suit your specific needs (any size in increments of 0.1mm).

Jehbsil Silicone Hospital Tubing is resistant to attack by a wide range of chemicals and solvents.   Jehbco Manufacturing information and contact details


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