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JEA Technologies is the authorised distributor for bank note and coinage validators, recyclers and dispensers, manufactured by CashCode, NRI, and Telequip, all subsidiaries of Crane Payment Solutions.

CashCode Products
  • CashCode bank note validators and bank note recyclers are renowned for their advanced design, robustness, high performance and reliability
  • CashCode pioneered beltless note paths, and the most advanced sensor systems of any validators in the market to give exceptionally low reject rates of genuine notes and high detection rates of fraudulent notes
  • CashCode’s newest products, The Bill to Bill and Currenza note recyclers combine note validation, recycling and dispensing in a single peripheral
  • These note recyclers offer customers very large savings in cash handling costs
  • Cashcode Products are used extensively for Gaming, Vending, Transit and Ticketing applications.

Telequip Products
Telequip provides standalone and embedded coin dispensing solutions across a broad range of retail and hospitality markets.

  • Telequips coinage dispensers have a proven track record of helping customers increase their profits, with a strong reputation for quality, reliability and longevity.
  • In fact, 4 out of the top 5 Quick Serve Restaurants choose Telequip coin dispensing solutions 

NRI Products

  • NRI is a market leader in coin validators and change giving machines
  • NRI products are used globally in a wide range of applications including vending, ticketing, parking, gaming and amusements
  • NRI’s products incorporate the latest multi frequency sensing technologies that facilitate rapid and accurate coin validation and change giving
  • This is matched by extremely robust designs that allow for many years of trouble free operation

JEA offers full technical support for these products, including warranty and non warranty repair.  For more information on the JEA range including coinage recyclers, bank note dispensers and coin machines please visit the website.

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11/01/12 - JEA Technologies presents the Currenza Clip, a stored-value cashless payment system and the Currenza C² 6-tube change giver for use in vending machines.
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10/01/12 - JEA Technologies introduces the Currenza SMV series currency note validators designed for vending and amusement machines in Australia and New Zealand.
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22/07/10 - Now available from JEA Technologies, the Currenza c² Airport coin changer with integrated alarm and telemetry functionality is the latest in vending hardware technology.
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10/11/08 - Zytronic’s ZYTOUCH touch sensors have been selected by Abuzz Technologies for use in their award-winning interactive wayfinding kiosk product, the Edge. Using Zytronic’s unique projected capacitive technology (PCT), the Edge provides stylish looks and satisfies the high ergonomic and safety requirements of installations in busy public areas. Projected Capacitive Technology-based ZYTOUCH touch sensors are available from JEA Technologies.
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