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JC Hydraulics supply and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic equipment and also specialise in servicing and repairs.

JC Hydraulic Supply a Full Range of Hydraulic Equipment Which Includes:

  • Agricultural Cylinders
  • Industrial Cylinders
  • Mini Rams
  • Jacking Rams
  • Power Units
  • Special Purpose Tools
  • Seals
  • Steel Supply (Aluminium, Chrome Bar, Bronze)
  • Valves
  • DC Power Packs
  • Heavy Wall Hydraulic Tube
  • Hose and Fittings
Specialising in Servicing Repairs on a Range of Equipment Such as:
  • Agricultural and Industrial Cylinders
  • Mini Rams, Jacking Rams, Power Units, Special Purpose Hydraulic Tools
  • Hydraulic Seals, Steel Supply (Aluminium, Chrome Bar, Bronze)
  • Hydraulic Valves, DC Power Packs, Heavy Wall Hydraulic Tubing, Hydraulic Hoses and Hydraulic Fittings
Supplying Hydraulic Machining Equipment for:
  • Earth-Moving, Materials Handling, Mining and Industrial Equipment
  • Transport, Mobile, Building and Construction Equipment
  • Logistics, Marine and Maritime Equipment
  • Entertainment Equipment and Special Effects Industries
JC Hydraulics also place a high priority on quality service repairs and reducing servicing time for their clients.
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Supplier news
20/08/12 - Manufactured since 2006, JC Hydraulics have used minirams for a number of productions.
Supplier news
20/09/10 - Available from JC Hydraulics, multi-purpose industrial hydraulic cylinder is a hardened chrome plated rod and precision honed heavy wall hydraulic tube with an operating pressure of 2500PSI.
Supplier news
14/07/10 - MPA Series multi-purpose agricultural cylinders from JC Hydraulics feature hardened chrome plated rods and a heavy duty welded rear clevis construction.

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25 - 29 Roberts St
West Footscray
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Tel: 03 9314 3233
Fax: 03 9314 3351
25-29 Roberts St
West Footscray
VIC 3012
Tel: 03 9314 3233

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