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AUDITOR range of torque analysers from JB Tooltech

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JB Tooltech  are the Australian distributors of the AUDITOR range of torque auditing and measurement equipment.

The AUDITOR range of torque auditing and measurement equipment is designed and manufactured by AIMCO for use in assembly production where accuracy matters.

This product ensures quality manufacturing by analysing and evaluating fasteners, assembly tools, and the tightening of bolted joints.

Proper torque measurement is critical in many assembly operations. The AUDITOR range of products gives the user the expertise and measurement equipment for all three phases – before, during and after assembly. Tool testing and capability studies can be easily performed in the tool room or lab.

Fine tuning of torque settings and process verification are achieved on the assembly line with rotary transducers and the company’s range of electronic wrenches can be used for final residual torque testing.

Manufactured in the USA, the AUDITOR series of products provide for the quick, easy and accurate:-

  • Testing of pneumatic pulse tools
  • Testing of continuous drive tools
  • Online monitoring of the fastening process
  • Auditing of assembled joints
The AUDITOR series of torque auditing and measurement equipment:

  • Verify the accuracy of hand tools and torque wrenches
  • Can record Peak, Impulse, Track and Click torques
Four Auditor models are available which can record and measure Torque, Angle and Pulse Count and with the memory capability for up to 250 files with 20,000 samples. The units provide Cp, Cpk, X-Bar, Range and Sigma values.

Each File can store application name, acceptable conditions, parameter settings, rundown data and statistical information, with PC communication.

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