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Heat and Control is the exclusive supplier of Ishida Retail Scales, Platform Scales and Weigh, Wrapping and Labelling Equipment in Australia through a nationwide distributor’s network.

Retail Scale Registers - Uni 7

  • GS1 Ready, runs on VX Works
  • Virtual receipt for up to 5 years
  • Floating operator and vibrating touchpad
  • Digital touchpad with visual PLU menus
  • Front Cassette loading and auto detection of up to 7 different label cassettes
  • Customisation of labels to include logos, ingredients, nutritional info, recipes and traceability data
  • Colour LCD advertising screen for dynamic in store promotion
  • 7 types of scales for different applications
  • Bench, Bakery, Pole, Hanging, Self Service, Elevator Single and Elevator Twin
  • Elevator twin printer model prints label and receipt at the same time
  • Scanner gun optional
  • Multiple language options

UNI 3 Counter Top Scale Printers

  • Three models and two display types
  • Uni-3 L1 model features a vibrant blue alphanumeric display with a sharp white 16-segment capability.
  • Uni-3 L2 model features a clear alphanumeric LCD display with one line alphanumeric and one line numeric only.
  • Flexible preset buttons to represent PLUs, container tare values, label formats, images, and logos.

UNI 5 Counter Top Scale Printers

  • Bench model, bench with pole, or elevated head style
  • Large, full colour touchscreen
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Convenient side-loading printer for quick label changing. 
  • Low-profile and green energy consumption

UNI 9 Counter Top Scale Printers

  • Available with a 7 or 12-inch (17.78cm or 30.48cm) LED backlit customer display for stunning promotional images and videos.
  • Crystal-sharp LED display
  • Store intranet access through a browser, recipe lookup, order entry and training videos
  • Automatically detects correct label format settings
  • Compact design that fits nicely on virtually any size counter

WM-Nano Automatic Wrapper

  • 71cm x, 86 cm x 71 cm
  • Table-top unit with an integrated scale base and printer
  • Full-size automatic machine in a modest size and attainable price

Auto Weigh Wrappers - WM4000

  • Label is pasted on the tray by the free arm in any location (top, bottom, left, right, vertically or horizontally)
  • CCD camera automatically identifies the tray as soon as it is placed on the in-feed table
  • Fluctuation in commodity tray placement is corrected by the centering conveyor
  • 10.4' colour LCD touch panel
  • Wrapping conditions and tare weight are set automatically
  • Automatic film changing
  • Detachable and washable infeed table and lifts

Weigh Price Labellers - WPL 5000   

  • Compact machine for high speed lines
  • Variety of food products, from a whole chicken with our without a tray (optional split belt for non-tray chickens) to cheese, dairy, small goods and meats
  • Handling a greater range of irregularly shaped products such as cheese wedges
  • Three options for print; single top, dual top and single bottom labeller
  • Top labeller has three options for label application
  • Label cassettes are easily interchangeable
  • Format labels at the touch screen to reduce label waste and programming time and for quick product changeover
  • In-feed guides and printer is automatically adjusted to suit a different product as the PLU is changed
  • Stainless steel construction

For over four hundred years, Ishida has researched and developed precision weighing equipment from small sensors to large scale total packaging lines and is considered world leader in the industry.

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