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Interchangeable reaming head system

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article image A bayonet screw attaches the reaming head to the shank and a special key is used to clamp and release it.

ISCAR has released the Bayo T-Ream high-speed reaming system. It consists of an interchangeable carbide reaming head with a quick-change bayonet mechanism, suitable for the 9.5mm to 32mm H7 hole tolerance range.

The reaming head is mounted on a Hard Touch steel shank. Solid carbide or heavy metal shanks are available on request. A bayonet screw attaches the reaming head to the shank and a special key is used to clamp and release it.

The reamer has been designed with internal coolant holes for efficient head lubrication and long tool life. It can be used for blind and through holes as well as for holes with cross holes or keyways. It can also be used for a very wide range of workpiece materials.

The reaming heads are available in grade IC908 and TiAlN PVD-coated. IC908 covers a wide range of workpiece materials and machining conditions. It offers the high fracture and wear resistance required for efficient reaming. A PCD grade is also available for machining aluminium and a PCBN grade is available for machining cast iron.

The flute distribution is asymmetric, which improves the precision of hole roundness and cylindricity. The back diameter of the reamer head is 0.01mm to 0.02mm smaller than the front diameter. This back taper prevents the reamer from being seized, as well as lowering reaming forces and improving surface quality. Incorrect back taper may cause instable reaming, accelerated wear and rough surface finish.

The clamping design of the Bayo T-Ream ensures a runout of no more than 3µm between the shank and the reaming head. Excessive runout accelerates wear, causes chipping of the leading chamfer and produces poor surface finish and cylindricity. It can also cause an enlarged hole, especially in soft materials such as aluminium.

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