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Vice-grips with cushioned handles

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article image Non-slip, rubberised grip.

IRWIN Industrial has announced the introduction of Vise-Grip locking tools with ProTouch rubberised grips, designed to enhance comfort and improve jobsite performance.

The ProTouch locking tools feature non-slip, cushioned handles that reduce vibrations and hand fatigue, increase comfort and leverage, and reduce slipping caused by oily, greasy hands.

The tools are made from high grade alloy steel that is heat-treated for maximum durability, delivering consistent performance for the toughest jobsite applications.

Hardened teeth are designed to grip from any angle and are broached for maximum durability.

Each tool features an adjusting screw that enables exacting pressure, and stays adjusted for repetitive use, and a guarded release trigger that releases quickly when required while protecting against accidental release.

ProTouch is available in 150mm long-nose, 175mm curved-jaw and 250mm curved-jaw. All models available also feature a built-in wire cutter that can cut 6.4mm bolts in progressive bites.

Irwin Industrial Tool Company manufactures and distributes professional-grade hand tools and power tool accessories worldwide for trade professionals who demand performance and durability on the job.

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