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Staticworx Eclipse ESD rubber flooring from Irubber

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Eclipse ESD rubber flooring from Staticworx Australasia has been installed by leading companies worldwide for enhanced safety in data centres.
Electrostatic discharge or ESD is a high-risk factor in the data storage industry where it impacts personnel safety and communication accuracy, and also causes damage to expensive electronic equipment. Sensitive environments such as data centres require the right kind of floor to be specified.
Engineers aware of the ESD risk protect themselves with ankle straps or wrist straps, which are not 100% reliable solutions and can cause circuitry to be easily corrupted, resulting in data loss and server damage.
Staticworx Eclipse ESD rubber flooring has been designed to overcome this risk, providing 100% protection to personnel and equipment without the need for ankle or wrist straps.
Top corporate companies such as Agilent Technologies, Anca Motion and Raytheon insist only on Staticworx ESD rubber flooring.
Key features of Staticworx ESD rubber floors: 

  • Anti-static, dissipative and conductive, providing an advanced system of protection
  • Lifetime static control performance
  • Available in 3 standard colours
  • Available in rolls, tiles, or with a conductive interlocking base
  • Works with anti-static adhesive and copper strips

  • Meets IBM recommended electrical properties for data centres
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 Electronics Manufacturing
  • DOD 4145.26-M Explosives Handling
  • NASA Clean Room Standards
Staticworx Eclipse ESD rubber flooring is available from Irubber .

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