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Type DAC-4440 Network Interface Adapters from IRT Electronics

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IRT Electronics  offers Type DAC-4440 network interface adapters designed for digital audio signal conversion for transport via telecom circuits.  

DAC-4440 network interface adapters form a transmitter/receiver system, which is designed to allow an AES/EBU digital audio signal to be distributed via a 2Mb G.703 (E1) network.  

The DAC-4440 converts an AES/EBU digital audio signal into a non-framed 2 Mb G.703 (E1) compatible signal.  

The DAC-4440 combines the 20-bit audio data with C (Channel) data, U (User) data or RS232/RS485 data into an output stream at 2.048 Mb/s. This stream is then output as a standard G.703 HDB3 encoded 75Ω unframed signal.  

The DAC-4440 also converts a G.703 signal, whose content is formatted as per the output of another DAC-4440 to an AES/EBU data stream. The receiver obtains synchronism with the incoming stream and separates the audio data from the combined C, U or RS232/RS485 data.  

DAC-4440 network interface adapters allow a local reference AES/EBU signal to be input for rate synchronisation of the output. With no reference signal present, output rate is automatically set to 48 kHz.  

The system can handle mono or stereo 20-bit AES/EBU audio at any rate from 25 KHz to 55 kHz, although it is designed for a nominal 48 kHz.  

The system also allows the Channel (C), User (U) or RS232/RS485 data to be conveyed.  

Front panel LEDs indicate when an AES/EBU signal and RS232/RS485 data is present on the transmit side of the DAC-4440, and when a valid 2.048 Mb/s G.703 input signal as well as RS232/RS485 data is present or when a valid AES/EBU reference signal is applied to the receive side of the DAC-4440.  

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) remote monitoring is possible when used in conjunction with an IRT frame fitted with SNMP capability.  

Key features:

  • Choice of 75Ω unbalanced or 110Ω balanced AES/EBU line connections
  • 48 kHz 20-bit default sample rate, 25 – 55 kHz rates supported
  • Optional external AES/EBU reference input for rates other than 48 kHz
  • Allows Channel (C), User (U) or RS232/RS485 data to be conveyed
  • Bi-direction operation possible with independent transmit and receive functions on a single card

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