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Industrial Networking Equipment
IRT offers a wide range of network interface adaptors and format converters. The product range includes:
  • Analogue to Digital Converter (Video or Audio)
  • Digital to Analogue Converter (Video or Audio)
  • E1 to ASI and ASI to E1
  • AES to G703 and G703 to AES
  • ASI to DS3
  • DS3 to ASI
  • ASI to E3
  • E3 to ASI
  • ASI to STM1
  • STM1 to ASI
  • STM1 to STM4
  • STM4 to STM1
  • Ethernet to ASI
  • ASI to Ethernet
  • SMPTE 310 to ASI
  • ASI to SMPTE 310
In addition to the range of network adaptors IRT offers a wide range of protection switchers such as ASI, STM1 and G703 protection, along with SD/HD and 3G 4 Port Changeover Relay cards. IRT Electronics information and contact details


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14/07/11 - MDC-4570 network interface adapters, now available from IRT Electronics, are designed for converting between MPEG2 Transport Stream formats in video distribution applications.
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06/10/10 - IRT Electronics offers Type DAC-4440 network interface adapters designed for digital audio signal conversion for transport via telecom circuits.
Supplier news
24/09/10 - IRT Electronics offers TPD-4000 I/O relay modules, eight input and eight input solid state modules that are intended for use in conjunction with the 4000 series SNMP frame.
Supplier news
23/09/10 - SMU-4000 digital interface modules provide a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plug-in interface solution for the IRT 4000 series of modules from IRT Electronics.
Supplier news
15/07/10 - IRT Electronics offers the MDC-4910 network interface adapter designed to convert SMPTE-310M signals to ASI signals for transmission down an ASI link.
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