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Go green: Save time, money and the environment with Exchequer Software

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The new Exchequer Software stock forecasting module is suited for those concerned with business environmental impact as it optimises efficiency with its powerful and proven planning engine. The stock forecasting module predicts sales and usage of stock to help ensure that companies holding stock don’t hold more than they need. It plans purchasing to ensure that stock levels fall within the desired optimum range and anticipates demand in each period via information taken from the sales history. The result is a reduction in the number of unnecessary journeys and a reduction in transport and vehicle usage helping to create a ‘greener’ environment.

Product Director, Paul Sparkes, comments “Any product that saves businesses money and helps to increase their productivity is great news. Providing businesses with the ability to accurately forecast stock requirements will undoubtedly give them a leading edge as well as assist them in their efforts to become greener organisations.”

Benefits of the stock forecasting software module include:

  • The stock forecasting software reduces the amount of cash held up in unnecessarily high stock levels Increases sales by ensuring the right products are in stock at the right time
  • The forecasting software module reduces unnecessary transport and vehicle usage helping create a ‘greener’ environment
  • Reduces overheads related to stock management/procurement Ensures production staff achieve maximum productivity by receiving the right stock in time
Exchequer stock forecasting module was the first mid-range system to ‘pioneer’ an environmentally friendly approach, with a number of modules many Exchequer customers will already be familiar with:
  • Authoris-e to allow the authorisation of transactions via email
  • Sentimail to enable proactive business alerts which keep users updated on key performance indicators
  • Paperless module which enables documents and reports to be sent out by fax or email

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