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Weidmüller media converters available from iOpen

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The use of fibre optics is advisable when reliability demands are high or there are long distances to cover. One simple and inexpensive solution is the Weidmüller media converter, which can convert an RJ45 port to an optical port with an SC or ST glass fibre connection. The supply voltage can be designed as a redundant system and therefore provides users with high failsafe security. The conversion of RJ45 copper ports to SC or ST fibre optic ports can be set transparently.

Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet media converters, available from iOpen , provide a solution for industrial applications that require a reliable, robust data exchange between copper and glass fibre media.

Media converters are cost-effective devices and give users the option of integrating fibre optics into their networks. Weidmüller media converters are real-time-compatible and remain transparent in the network.

WaveLine Media Converters are:

  • Transparent in network
  • Multimode or singlemode

The media converters of the Weidmüller IE-MC WaveLine can be switched between half duplex and full duplex by means of a small switch. This means they can be used in demanding real-time applications. Transparency in RapidRing is possible.

In the multimode variation, interference-free transmission over distances of up to 2km is possible, and up to 20km with the single mode variation. Longer transmission distances are available on request.

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