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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ Proficy Machine Edition is an automation software breakthrough deploying HMI, motion, and multi-target control in an integrated development environment.

This environment provides a common user interface, drag-and-drop editing, and a rich set of development tools. Proficy Machine Edition includes all the automation software components you need to reduce your programming, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance costs.  

Features of Proficy Machine Edition automotion software:

Build Your Application on Industry Standards

Combining the best of traditional programming and graphics applications with such powerful open industry-standard technologies as COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OPC, and XML, Proficy Machine Edition automotion software provides a smooth migration path to the latest development tools.

Save Time through Tight Integration

In addition to sharing common development tools, all Proficy Machine Edition components — View, Logic Developer, and Motion Developer — share a common database and common objects across applications, including logic, scripts, and animation. Once a variable is created, it can easily be used in all other components of the project.

Design Full-Featured Machine-Level Graphics

Proficy Machine Edition automotion software includes an intuitive, machine-level HMI for shop-floor devices, including PLCs, CNCs, motion controllers, marquees, serial devices, and other machinelevel components, with an all-inclusive graphics tool that allows you to place objects within the common object repository, or “Toolchest.” Applications can be developed for QuickPanel*, QuickPanel View (Windows CE), and Windows NT/2000/XP based systems.

View supports communication protocols for all major PLCs and includes OPC client and server drivers and lets you publish your data and graphical panels over the Web to a standard web browser.

Work in both PLC and PC Control Environments

Whether you work in a PLC or PC-based control environment, or both, Logic Developer provides all the tools you need to develop, monitor, and troubleshoot your applications. In addition, Logic Developer provides full scalability from Windows CE-based QuickPanel Control units to Embedded NT/XP and Windows NT/2000/XP as well as across the full spectrum of GE Fanuc PLC and PACSystems* controllers.

Develop Motion Control Programs Quickly

With Motion Developer, you can develop motion control programs for GE Fanuc S2K series motion controllers quickly and efficiently. Protect Your Investment with Centralized System Management. Proficy Change Management provides central storage, version control, and access control capabilities for all Proficy Machine Edition automotion software projects.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ Proficy Machine Edition is available from iopen .

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