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Quality Assurance Software Module from Intrinsic Software

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Intrinsic Software  offers various modules to enhance their Epicor Vista software system. The Quality Assurance module has a number of features designed to simplify the quality assurance process.  

The Inspection Workbench feature of this software system enables users to monitor work in progress and take any action as necessary. Parts can be moved between jobs for processing or scrapped. Non-conformant records for all non-conformant parts can be created as they are scrapped from a job or from the inventory and non-nettable bins can be set up to separate parts that are undergoing review from the main inventory.  

Discrepant material reports can be created for parts that need to be removed from an inventory and any corrective action that needs to be taken can be monitored with due dates, sign offs and comments.  

Financial assistance is also included in this software system module. Users can produce reports detailing the ‘cost of quality’ to identify how much operations are costing them and detail any parts that have been scrapped. Debit memos that are directly linked to accounts payable can also be produced, and the Audit Trail function displays an inventory of transactions.  

Additionally, detailed Certificates of Compliance can be completed before dispatching products to customers and certificates received from suppliers for parts or materials can also be recorded.  

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