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Intralox supplies conveyor technology solutions for applications in numerous industries worldwide. With its Simulation Technology Services, Intralox helps customers determine the most effective way to improve their layouts using ARB™ technology. 

End users, integrators, and OEMs are finding advantages in consulting Intralox early on in their layout planning to take advantage of the benefits that ARB technology can bring to a layout design. 

Radical improvements in flexibility, safety, throughput capacity, and floor space usage. 
  • Accommodate all package types, including new ones, and meet future requirements 
  • Lower system ownership and life-cycle costs 
  • Increase throughput capacity 
  • Consume less floor space 
  • Eliminate the need for safety protection
  • Patented, award winning technology
ARB technology for a wide range of package and case handling applications
Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) Conveyor Technology consistently deliver benefits such as reduced jams, reduced maintenance, and improved worker safety.
  • 90º Transfer
  • Alignment
  • Case Depalletiser
  • Merge
  • Perpetual Merge
  • Product Turner
  • Reject Diverter
  • Singulator
  • Sorter
  • Switch or Divider
Layout Consulting and Simulation Services 
To help customers determine the most effective way to improve their layout using ARB technology, Intralox offers its Simulation Technology Services. This service employs physics-based modeling to simulate your production specifications. 

It eliminates risk and speeds up the creative process of integrating ARB technology into a layout to optimise conveyor arrangements. The tool has repeatedly aided in decision-making processes and proven highly accurate in practice. 

ARB Technology enables smarter layouts, increased throughput and greater product handling flexibility.
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