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Belts for package handling and roller retrofits

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INTRALOX 's Series 2400 Raised Rib belt simplifies retrofits of roller curves, increases conveying versatility and efficiency, reduces new conveyor construction costs and has the potential to increase throughput when compared with alternative products.

The interior deck of Intralox's new belt stands 0.5” (12.7mm) taller than its edge modules, a design that allows packages and containers to overhang the belt edges and side wearstrip without snagging. As a result, the Series 2400 Raised Rib belt can convey a variety of packages without risking the disorientation that can lead to damage and delays.

Intralox's Series 2400 Raised Rib belt is also key to helping plants eliminate jams, downtime, and other costly problems that afflict powered roller curves.

The new belt's versatility makes retrofits of roller conveyor curves much easier because it eliminates the need for tight radius measurements. Intralox's EZ Roller Retro fit Radius Components and Series 2400 Raised Rib belt fit existing roller curves and provide the necessary clearance in plants retrofitting roller curves.

When planning new conveyor installations, plants can minimise conveyor construction costs and still achieve proper clearance by specifying a relatively narrow Series 2400 Raised Rib belt.

Additionally, Intralox's new belt allows plants to convey packages with the long side facing forward, thereby boosting throughput without increasing conveyor speed or size.

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