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PC/104 form factor embedded USB digital I/O modules

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DIGITAL I/O modules allow external equipment to be controlled and monitored.

Digital inputs can be used to determine the status of equipment by monitoring on/off voltage levels, counting pulses, reacting to alarm conditions and many other external events. Digital outputs and relay outputs can be used to control equipment by sending on/off voltages to control inputs or by switching devices on and off.

Interworld Electronics has released the Acces I/O range of USB digital I/O modules, which are now available as OEM (board only) versions.

The range includes the USB-IIRO-xx-OEM Series, USB-II-16-OEM, USB-RO-16-OEM and the USB-DIO-32-OEM.

The boards feature a PC/104 form factor with pre-drilled PC/104 mounting holes and can be installed using standoffs inside most enclosures or systems.

PC/104 systems can easily add these modules to an existing PC/104 stack adding flexibility to embedded applications.

The USB-IIRO-xx-OEM Series provide 4, 8 or 16 isolated inputs with 4, 8 or 16 electro-mechanical relay outputs.

The isolated inputs accept input voltages from 3VDC to 31VDC and provide 500V channel-to-ground and channel-to-channel isolation.

The SPDT form C electro-mechanical relays can switch 1A at 24VDC or 0.5A at 125VAC.

The USB-II-16-OEM provides 16 isolated inputs while the USB-RO-16-OEM provides 16 electro-mechanical relay outputs. Both modules have the same specification as USB-IIRO-xx-OEM Series.

All models can be supplied in a small (4" x 4" x 1.25") rugged industrial case for applications that require a stand-alone device.

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