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Interworld’s analogue and digital I/O products cover all the bus connectivity standards including Universal PCI, PCI, PCI-Express, mini-PCIe, PC/104, PC/104 Plus, USB, Serial (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP). Interworld also carries a range of standalone miniature Dataloggers.

Multi-Function Analogue I/O Boards

Multi-function Analogue I/O boards make it easy for the designer to build a complete Data Acquisition and Control system.

Key features include:

  • High-speed 16-bit Analogue to Digital (A/D) converters
  • Sample rates up to 500KHz
  • Single-ended and differential-ended inputs
  • Auto Calibration
  • Programmable voltage ranges
  • FIFO data buffers
  • Analogue outputs
  • Digital I/O and Counter/Timers
  • Variety of bus interfaces including: Universal PCI, PCI-Express, USB, mini-PCIe, PC/104, Modbus Ethernet

Dedicated Analogue Output Boards

Analogue Output and Arbitrary Waveform Generation boards are available with:

  • 12-bit Digital to Analogue (D/A) converters
  • Up to 16 output channels
  • On-board 128K sample buffers for waveform data storage
  • Up to 125K samples per DAC per second.
  • Signal generation and analogue output streaming

Digital I/O

Digital I/O products allow real world events to be monitored and controlled. By detecting when the status of an input line has change digital I/O devices can interrupt. and notify the control systems that an event has occurred.

Key features of the Digital I/O range includes:

  • TTL I/O, Optically Isolated Inputs
  • Isolated Relay Outputs
  • High Current (2A) Relay Outputs or Solid State Outputs
  • Change-of-State detection
  • Optical isolation
  • Independent counter timers
  • High current switching

Modbus Compatible Products

Our range of Modbus compatible products can be expanded and distributed to allow complex Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to be realized.

  • Distributed data acquisition and control.
  • (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) support
  • RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital I/O, Isolated I/O and Analogue I/O
  • Expandable and Stackable Modules


MSR dataloggers are highly suited to a wide range of data collection and monitoring tasks. These miniature data logging systems are fully customizable with a range of inbuilt and external sensors.

  • Capability of recording and storing thousands of measurements
  • Tailored to your field of application
  • Analogue inputs for external sensors
  • Choice of case, measurement parameters and sensors
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