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Synchronous rectification MOSFET

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INTERNATIONAL Rectifier has released the IRF7842, a 40V N-channel Hexfet power MOSFET, optimised for isolated dc-dc converters for telecommunications systems.

The 40V rating enhances reliability when used in secondary-side synchronous rectification circuits for telecom and datacom systems. These systems generally use an input voltage from 36V to 75V. This can develop a voltage swing on the secondary side in the range of 5V to 12V. This creates a need for a 40V MOSFET since a 30V device does not provide the required voltage rating headroom.

The IRF7842 achieves 95.2% efficiency at 150W full load when used for secondary-side synchronous rectification in an isolated dc-dc bus converter with the IR2085S primary-side PWM IC. The IRF7842 also delivers as much as 0.5% higher efficiency than industry-standard 40V devices in the same dc-dc bus converter.

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